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Miami Heat Pump Repair

Miami Heat Pump Repair

Miami Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps have a number of advantages over other air conditioning and heating systems. Miami heat pump repair is often fairly affordable and in addition not needed as much as with other systems. But before we discuss the various reasons why you should consider installing a heat pump in your home and some points regarding repair, we need to look at exactly what a heat pump is.

What is a Miami Heat Pump

A heat pump is a device that combines the functions of both heating and cooling into a single unit. That is, it can be used for conditioning in the summer, and for heating in the winter. It does this b y using the technology of ordinary air conditioners, yet have a function that is able to reverse the heat flow.

The basic technological set up here is as follows: In the side being cooled (i.e. Indoors in the summer) a coil filled with refrigerant meets the warm air. The refrigerant is allowed to go from a liquid to a gaseous state, and in so doing it absorbs heat energy from the ambient surrounding air. The fluid is then cycled to the outside of the building where it is compressed and condensed into liquid form again. This causes it to cool, but remain hotter than the surrounding outdoor air. The heat thus moves to the air outside the building and dissipates. Finally, the refrigerant reenters the building through further tubing and the cycle repeats. Heat is thus progressively taken from the indoor air and moved out of the building.

In a heat pump, this same process occurs during the summer. However, in the winter the cycle is reversed, and the coil on the outside of the building becomes the evaporator. It absorbs heat (even though the outdoor temperature is cold there is still heat that can be absorbed) and re-radiates the heat back inside the house, heating it.

Heat Pump Advantages

Heat pumps are integrated systems and thus have advantages over using two separate heating and cooling systems. In a house with a heat pump, there is only one system that can break down rather than two, so even from a simple statistical standpoint this means less of a chance of the unit needing to be serviced. They are also environmentally friendly. They do not use oil or gas, but rather absorb heat, as noted above, from the outside air and bring it into the house. This conserves natural resources and reduces pollution. Moreover, burning oil or gas is a volatile process and thus gas and oil systems are more prone to system problems than heat pumps.

Miami Heat Pump Repair

Miami heat pump repair is fairly easy to find. It can be found in the yellow pages or searches online. It is often performed by the same service professionals that perform Miami air conditioning repair, Miami emergency air conditioning repair, Miami furnace repair and Miami air duct cleaning. Since heat pumps are coming into greater usage, it is more common for them to need to be serviced than in the past. Consequently Miami air conditioning repair professionals are also the ones that perform Miami heat pump repair, Miami emergency air conditioning repair, Miami air duct cleaning, Miami furnace repair, and all the other standard heating system repair functions.

Miami heat pump repair often involves investigating the heat pump system both inside and outside the house to detect any problems such as leaking fluid, or malfunctioning evaporators, condensers, or compressors that may be interfering with the efficient transfer of heat. It is important to find a Miami heat pump repair professional who is competent in diagnosing and fixing heat pump problems and who has the necessary and experience and education.

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